Short Film - 16m, Color / B&W. Dramedy / Sci-Fi / Fantasy

A young boy in the 1950s re-imagines a family conflict as a rollicking, black and white outer space serial.

CAPTAIN VALEDOR, leader of the heroic Intergalactic Safety League, is about to make his last stand. The evil aliens LOTHA and LORD RICKENVELT have brought their accursed doom weapon to his home planet - the Earth! Only Valedor, his nimble starship, and his trust robotic canine companion Roger can save the future from ultimate destruction!

Such is the premise of "The Final Battle," the fifteenth chapter in FREDDIE DANVERS own personal serial. Freddie's the ultimate Captain Valedor fan, but his adventures don't end at the theatre. Largely ignored by his parents, Freddie creates his own Valedor adventures, complete with new challenges from new villains - who possess than passing resemblances to faces from Freddie's own personal "battles." One day, escaping high in a tree to enact his fantasy, he sets in motion a chain of events that will change everything - both real and imagined.

Starring Kate LaRoss, Ken Arnold, David Ferrall, Dariusz Uczkowski, and Todd Reichart.


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