Will Butler
"Will Abraham Lincoln Butler... nah, that's too long."

Will is a member of the indie rock sensation Arcade Fire; beyond that, he is truly a Renaissance man, versed in all things performing arts, plus Slavic literature besides.

He agreed to help Adam with the short animation test Date Double, and then won the role of Han Solo in Run Leia Run following an impromptu recitation of the first five parts (more or less) of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". In both cases his credit contains a nod to Abraham Lincoln, for some reason.

His foremost artistic passion is music: in addition to Arcade Fire, he has played in the bands Sandpiper Air and Citizens on Patrol. To recount the musical achievements of these organizations would go well beyond the scope of this piece.


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Run Leia Run — Han Solo (voice)
Date Double — Guy (voice)

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