Rachel Chadderdon
"He's been saying all along, 'I don't cast actors, I cast people…'"

Rachel has the dubious honor of being the first female in GIHB history to hold the 'lead role' as Princess Leia Organa in Run Leia Run. However, her involvement with the company stems back further, when she volunteered to be a part of Adam's short animation test Date Double. Love: The Movie marked her live-action film debut. Not a bad run in the arts for someone studying the sciences!

She emceed Northwestern University's 2004 Dance Marathon, a thirty-hour dance party raising money for austistic children. (Adam helped create videos to be shown at the charity's events.)

Rachel is also a talented singer; she has performed with Hullabaloo and Northwestern's X-Factors and was once part of a touring production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.


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Love: The Movie — Aphrodite
Run Leia Run — Princess Leia Organa (voice)
Date Double — Girl (voice)

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