Books of interest to filmmakers...

Here are books every low-budget filmmaker should read.


FEATURE FILMMAKING AT USED-CAR PRICES - Yes, you can shoot on film and make a feature on the price of a used car, and Rick Schmidt will show you how. He draws upon a vast realm of experience of making feature films with no money, and while he spends a little too much time plugging his own flicks, you will learn a lot.

MAKING MOVIES - Acclaimed director Sidney Lumet tells a boatload of stories. It's like a book full of DVD commentaries without any rambling. His love for screenwriters is a joy for this scriptwright, and his advice on directing actors is invaluable. This book provides a director's-eye view on what goes on a 'real' movie set in a candid and enjoyable style you'll find yourself rereading over and over.

500 WAYS, etc. - No-nonsense advice from an actual script reader on what the evil studios want from the scripts they buy.

STORY / SCREENPLAY - Probably a little overrated, but still the sort of books every screenwriter out there has on his deck. You're going to have to buy these books at some point in your life, get it over with now.

SAVE THE CAT! - Finally, a screenwriting book by someone who actually sells his scripts. A must-have for filmmakers looking to write mainstream Hollywood-friendly features.

FILM DIRECTING SHOT BY SHOT - A visual trip through the filmmaking process. A little overkill, but good information to know when planning a scene.

DIRECTING ACTORS - A great book, Adam's favorite in fact, on directing actors for film and TV.

REBEL WITHOUT A CREW - Robert Rodriguez made a movie for cheap and beat the Hollywood system. Then he wrote this book about the process. This guy knows what it's like to make movies the Guy in his Basement way.

WHAT THEY DON'T TEACH YOU IN FILM SCHOOL - A little discouraging, perhaps, but that's life, kids.

FILMMAKING FOR DUMMIES - We haven't actually read this, but ya gotta love the title.

HOMEMADE HOLLYWOOD - The definitive history of fan filmmaking.

EBERT'S LITTLE MOVIE GLOSSARY - Roger Ebert really breaks down the not-so-obvious-but-you-know-they're-true truths of things in movies. You'll never look at movies quite the same way again.

THE ULTIMATE FILM FESTIVAL SURVIVAL GUIDE - editor Chris Gore shows you how to get some exposure for your movie. A complete festival directory, and articles about how to get through the process, too!

FILM FESTIVAL SECRETS - A real independent filmmaker shows you what it's like on the circuit and how to make the most of it.

UNDERSTANDING COMICS - Not a film book... or is it? Scott McCloud breaks down a form of popular media and analyzes its grammar, and it will blow your mind, and understanding how comics work will make you understand better how film works.