Movies of interest to filmmakers...

Here are movies every low-budget filmmaker (or just people interested in filmmaking) should see, available on DVD.


BOWFINGER A movie all about shooting a low-budget film. Anyone who's ever made a movie will sympathize with the characters as they struggle to make their dreams come true without money, actors or filming permits, and you'll cheer as they come up with innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

CLERKS - This very low-budget black-and-white feature catapulted Kevin Smith to the big time. Observe how he kept the production as cheap as the dialogue is witty.

AMERICAN MOVIE - Watch indie filmmaker Mark Borchardt try to finish his short film "Coven" and finance his feature.

THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE - About megaproducer Robert Evans. Hey, we can dream, right?

FORGOTTEN SILVER - Peter Jackson's low-budget mockumentary about a crazed New Zealand epicmaker.