Meet the Guys (and Girls) in the Basement!


One of the core philosophies of the Basement
is that we love working with the same people
over and over (and over) again.

Here's a few of the notable characters who keep turning up in our credits,
an incomplete listing of major contributors and producers who've helped us out,
and some of the distinguished alumni who've moved on to bigger things.


Co-founder and current guy in basement Adam Bertocci
Basement-dweller emeritus Kent Sanderson


People with the dubious honor of credits on more than three films:

Eric Branco

Carolyn Siegel

Dana Silver


For the hat trick — credits on three films:

Rachel Chadderdon

Van Kapeghian

Shiloh Klein

Emily Mark

Blake Silver

Brianna Tyson


Other important folk of note:

Will Butler of Arcade Fire

David Cohen

Li-Wei Chu

Stephen Deline

Dave Holstein

Chad Peter

Elizabeth Petersen

Arielle Singh

Daniel Viney